Trixie Whitley is ready to listen to her heartbeat — whether it aches for the state of the world, calls out for her child, or just syncs with her sticks on the drumkit. A musician whose life has been a tapestry of melody, dance, and self-expression, Whitley’s new era is all about digging into the “primal,” infusing her songs with all the joys, sorrow, and intricacies of motherhood — and life itself.

That all comes to glorious fruition on her new EP, Dragon of Everything — 27/09/2024 — which touches on everything from maternal love to loss of bodily autonomy.

It was named, quite aptly, after an illustration by her daughter that also graces the cover of the record. “I need to listen to my womb — my gut,” she says."That’s a big part of these recordings.”

High Wire, the first single of the upcoming EP, is an old song Whitley wrote on tour with Black Dub. The voice memo resurfaced on her phone back in 2021 and, inspired by her daughter’s response to the track, she decided to flesh it out and bring it to life. “It's about survivalism,” she says. “Even though I wrote it over 10 years ago, the topics are still charged today. It’s about inequality, contemplating that state, and letting that be voiced.”


  • 21/06 LPR – New York, NY
  • 30/06 Live is Live – Antwerpen, BE
  • 31/08 Road Rock – Kuurne, BE
  • 01/10 Botanique – Brussels, BE
  • 02/10 Casino – Sint-Niklaas, BE (SOLD OUT)
  • 03/10 Oosterpoort – Groningen, NL
  • 06/10 Wintercircus – Gent, BE (SOLD OUT)
  • 07/10 Wintercircus – Gent, BE (SOLD OUT)
  • 08/10 Het Depot – Leuven, BE
  • 09/10 Trix – Antwerpen, BE
  • 12/10 Metropool – Hengelo, BE
  • 13/10 Cactus – Brugge, BE

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