For lovers of fuzz and all things stoner rock, Toronto's Sun Below is releasing their self-titled concept album on November 19th, which is a culmination of the journey the band has taken since the release of their debut EP back in 2018. Today, the trio has teamed up with Doomed & Stoned for the album's exclusive full stream premiere HERE.

“Sun Below” is a fully formed concept around the central figure of the record, the Holy Drifter. The listener is transported through various points in time in not only the Drifter’s life but in the history of his mountain shrine atop the Chronwall, as he struggles to find the meaning in his erratic, herb-induced visions. The story of the album is not completely linear, so the listener will drift in and out of timelines and alternate realities while experiencing the crushing weight and groove of the music. The band shares their thoughts on the album:

“We are beyond Sativa stoked to be releasing our self-titled debut LP after months of rehearsing, recording, and self-producing. We feel this album represents all the elements that embody our style; crushing doom, infectious grooves, big riffs, driving bass, earth-shattering drums, and experimental vocals. The album balances long burning, crushing doom with raw, up-tempo heavy rock and exploratory instrumental jams to present a vast sonic landscape.”

The album is a journey through time, space, and the limits of sonic power. Musically, it combines fuzzed-out grooves, punishing volume, and moments of spaced-out clarity which make for a fully immersive journey. With a run time of well over an hour, the album is meant to transport the listener across worlds and time, while traversing a vast landscape of heavy sounds.

The band was formed in 2017 out of a collective desire to follow the riff, jam, and explore vast sonic landscapes. They have previously released three EPs: Black Volume EP (2018), Black Volume II EP (2019), and Black Volume III EP (2019). Fans of big riffs, fuzzed-out guitars, crushing drums, and driving bass will not be disappointed in this record. Those with an interest in Electric Wizard, Red Fang, and Kyuss should prepare to tune down, smoke up, play loud, and burn out.

The album will be available on November 19, 2021.

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Track Listing:
1. Chronwall Neanderthal - 4:34
2. Holy Drifter - 14:24
3. Shiva Sativa - 4:11
4. Green Visions - 5:56
5. Bong Psalm - 3:56
6. Kinetic Kief - 4:24
7. Doom Stick - 3:35
8. Twin Worlds - Part I & II - 18:00
9. Solar Burnout - 14:24
Album Length: 1:11:28

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