‘The Terminal Condition of Existence’ is the debut EP of the Danish melodic/progressive death metal outfit Thus. This ambitious and internationally minded release contains five strong and versatile melo-death anthems, showcasing the band’s technical prowess and awe-inspiring songwriting capabilities.

The EP features a range of styles, from fast and aggressive thrash rhythms on ‘Pacify the Parasite’ to melodic and heavy grooves on ‘Atlas of Hate’, and progressive songwriting and time signature changes on tracks like ‘Incorporeal’ and ‘Graveyard of Empires’. Packed with incredible musicianship from both the band members and session drummer Sebastian Lanser (Ex-Obscura, Panzerballett, Obsidious), each song on the EP is accompanied by ambitious music videos and artwork created by the band themselves.

Thematically, the lyrics tackle political and social controversies while exploring themes of identity and belonging in our modern, fast-paced, and politically divided society.

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