As they barrel toward the future, THROAT LOCUST returns with their relentless and groove-laden brand of death metal with the release of their new single "Crimson (Water Reservoir)." Known for their unyielding intensity, the Texas-based death metal band continues to push the boundaries of hardcore-driven death metal, delivering a sound that is both punishing and exhilarating.

"Crimson (Water Reservoir)" is a testament to THROAT LOCUST's signature style, blending brutal riffs, thunderous drumming, and guttural vocals that will leave even the most seasoned pit bosses in awe. This track promises to break necks and incite chaos as fans slam against the safety barriers in a frenzy of headbanging and mosh pit mayhem.

THROAT LOCUST's ability to fuse hardcore energy with death metal brutality has earned them a dedicated following and a reputation as one of the most formidable acts in the scene. With "Crimson (Water Reservoir)," they reaffirm their place at the forefront of the genre, ready to dominate stages and playlists worldwide.

Fans can stream "Crimson (Water Reservoir) HERE and experience the unrelenting power of THROAT LOCUST firsthand.


THROAT LOCUST formed in the beginning of 2022 with the drive to play heavy death metal with a groove that only Texas lays down. Inspired by his friends’ teenage-like excitement to GATECREEPER’s set at Knotfest 2021 (“It was insane”, remarked Eric), Eric Calvert (of prolific sludge metal titans, SWITCHBLADE JESUS) set out to recreate that moment through music. He returned home to Corpus Christi reinvigorated with passion, and conscripted fellow metal soldiers Rob Cantu, Adrian Cavazos, Alex Gregory (merch handler of SWITCHBLADE JESUS), and Gil Perez (of slam purveyors, FILTH EMBEDDED) to write sick riffs and heavy insanity.

High on the music that inspired them in their youth, Throat Locust entered Harbor City Sound Lab with Bryan Garcia in Summer 2022 to record their debut demo Dragged Through Glass. Their blend of old school death metal, thrash, and hardcore was harnessed and then released upon the world through singles “Axe Grinder” (October 28, 2022), “Corruption and Greed” (December 2, 2023), and “Death Lurker” (January 6, 2023) to raving, positive reviews.

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