Today marks the release of "Dirge," the latest single from the dynamic and provocative music ensemble ESODIC. This powerful track, is part one of a two-part composition that delves deep into the harrowing legacy of Uday Hussein, a figure synonymous with tyranny and excess in Iraq's recent past.

Drawing inspiration from Iraq's storied history and the chilling tales of Uday Hussein's reign of terror, ESODIC embarks on a creative journey fueled by the narratives of those who lived through these tumultuous times. The gruesome nature of Uday's daily atrocities, widely known and feared, finds a voice in this compelling musical exploration. The influence of the film The Devil's Double, a dramatized recount of Uday’s horrific deeds, serves as a poignant catalyst for the project, pushing the boundaries of storytelling through music.

"Dirge" encapsulates the grim end of Uday Hussein's reign, offering a somber reflection on the consequences of unchecked power and brutality.

ESODIC's exploration into this dark chapter of Iraqi history does not shy away from the complexities of Uday Hussein's character. "Dirge" brings us to the inevitable conclusion of such tyranny - a downfall as befitting as it is tragic.

Prevoiusly, the band released a striking music video for "Consquence". The music video is a visually compelling narrative that complements the track's exploration of Western intervention in Iraq. Through a series of powerful images and scenes, the video portrays the tumultuous aftermath of intervention, highlighting the chaos and the rise of extremism in a power vacuum left by foreign forces. The stark, thought-provoking visuals serve as a haunting reminder of the real-world implications of political actions, making a bold statement on the consequences of interference. With its engaging storytelling and impactful imagery, the video not only amplifies the song's message but also stands as a work of art in its own right, inviting viewers to reflect on the themes of conflict, consequence, and the cyclical nature of history.

Set to make a monumental impact in the metal scene, ESODIC also announces the release of their eagerly anticipated EP, De Facto De Jure, slated for May 22nd, 2024. This upcoming EP embodies the band's unique fusion of thrash and death metal, infused with their deep-seated commentary on socio-political themes. With De Facto De Jure, ESODIC continues to push the boundaries of their genre, promising a collection of tracks that not only showcase their musical prowess but also reflect their profound insights into the complexities of power, authority, and societal structures. Fans of the band and metal enthusiasts alike are marking their calendars for what is set to be a groundbreaking addition to ESODIC's discography.

Originating from the underbelly of Amman, Jordan, ESODIC was formed in 2003. Inspired by legendary bands like SLAYER, TESTAMENT, and KREATOR, ESODIC's music reflects the turbulent socio-political climate of the Middle East. Their existence as a metal band in a region where such music was often suppressed by local governments added a layer of defiance and rebellion to their sound. This opposition fueled their creativity and resilience, epitomized by the experiences of current drummer Zed Amarin, who, along with other band members, faced harassment and arrest.

ESODIC's journey through the underground music scene of Amman saw them forge a distinct style of fast-paced, loud thrash metal. Despite the risks, their commitment to their craft led to a strong following and significant challenges, including frequent arrests and show cancellations. These obstacles only strengthened their resolve and influence within the countercultural scene.

The band's first major success came with their demo release Coverless Truth, featuring the hit single "Dawn of Victory." The departure of original drummer Ibrahim and the arrival of Zed Amarin marked a pivotal moment, infusing the band with new energy and direction. Their breakthrough came with their participation in the Global Battle of The Bands in Amman, showcasing their talent on a larger stage and earning widespread acclaim.

Despite temporary setbacks, including lineup changes and the shutdown of their local scene following government crackdowns, ESODIC continued to evolve. The band members eventually dispersed globally, culminating in the release of a split record with GENERECHRIST and their first EP, Mirrors of Disgrace, a compilation of years of material reflecting their experiences of upheaval.

In recent years, the band has seen a resurgence, with drummer Zed Amarin leading the charge in Los Angeles. Their participation in the MetalDays Festival in Slovenia and collaborations with new band members like Michael Nolasco and Kevin McCombs signal a new chapter for ESODIC.

As ESODIC gears up for the release of their new EP, the anticipation within the metal community is palpable. This EP, a powerful reflection on turbulent history and political commentary. This release is poised to add another impactful chapter to ESODIC's storied legacy, resonating with fans old and new who appreciate music that challenges, provokes, and transcends.

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