Sweet Imperfections is the musical project of singer songwriter Bri Schillings. Bringing a sense of healing, wonder and adventure, her music oozes a richness through her sultry, soulful voice, creating something that she describes as sensual indie rock.

Having felt a connection and energy between nature and sound since she was just a child, Schillings

followed this magnetic pull, exploring a plethora of instruments along the way and unlocking a secret door to a magical world where she felt safe, understood, beautiful, inspired, and where she learned what love was.

Her latest single “Ignorance is Violence” is a thought-provoking, hopeful anthem that inspires change. Written during a road trip in 2021, Schillings was in shock by the lingering smoke from the devastating wildfires that ravaged California. She witnessed the effects of our ignorance around the pressing subject of climate change and the violence of our ignorance we were experiencing first hand. The lyrics, “smoke filled air covering the earth everywhere we go, it feels like the whole world is getting ready to explode,” sets the tone for the inspiring single, as the wailing guitar line cries for help. With a driving beat, the song ebbs and flows, injecting us with hope and determination to make a change. Hoping to raise awareness of climate change, Schillings urges “Ignorance is Violence” to inspire individuals and groups to take action to counter the impacts of climate change. Schillings shares, “On top of experiencing first hand the hottest summer recorded, breathing smoke from the fires, we felt a weight of frustration and recognized our responsibility to take a stand. We had recently watched Greta Thunberg’s documentary “I am Greta” which inspired us to use a clip from one of her speeches during the outro of the song.”

With her music finding inspiration from life, adversity, love and nature, Schillings’ seductive and powerful voice will hold you in a warm embrace and take you on a journey where the heart and the soul meet. The songwriter shares, “I write about things I feel strongly about. Real stories. Real narratives. Songs with spirit in them. Songs with solutions. Songs with questions. I see the power music has to influence and bring attention to current events and create movements.”

Let “Ignorance is Violence” be the message we need to make a change, for our actions today shape the world of tomorrow.


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