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Since .calibre made their first and only album. Nearly two decades later and with a new band name ‘killthelogo’ (after the original .calibre album); we are presented with the first follow-up song: ‘Riot As One’. A clear nod to the sound of that era, but with a few rougher edges.

This is not a reunion, it is a powerful sequel. This new outfit has taken all that motivation and vision they had with .calibre, back in 2001, and applied it to today’s world. And what an angry and polarized world it has become. The band aims to unite and inspire new and older generations with a new sense of community. It’s a growing and gentle force against the pressures of the power-whores.

With two original .calibre members and a few impressive additions to the line-up, killthelogo brings you new songs and ideas, but also some nostalgic flash-backs to the late 90ies and early 2000 vibes. Both on and off stage.

Riot As One…

It feels like the entire world is marching against something. Imagine all our fractional movements converging into one harmonious organism of resistance; against the ruling strategies of division and control.

We, as individuals, are not meaningless and our actions can have profound effects. But we will need to riot as one to dismantle the sordid paradigms that have come to dictate our lives. Those established constructs can be broken with a united, gentle force. Even minimal pressure, if applied by many millions, is irresistible.

Our suggested instruments of defiance are consumer disobedience, economic sabotage and circumventing the neo-liberal marketplace. All these ideas coalesce quite naturally in community living. That is where all our struggles should lead us: closer to each other.

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