Alternative rock quartet The Time Framed launches a brand new, affecting single – “Walls” – that effortlessly manages to showcase and expose the group’s distinctive style of songwriting to the wider audiences. A composition that flawlessly and naturally combines and mixtures a variety of different influences, specifications and aspects, “Walls” is intuitively constructed by well-crafted instrumental elements that – alongside the suitable and memorable vocal and melodic lines – shape the overall gradation and unique character of the track, which ultimately builds a profile that is difficult to be compared to the general characteristics of the majority of the alternative music nowadays, as this can only act as a significant proof towards the talent and the creative potential behind The Time Framed’s profile.

Sharing additional details and information regarding the nature of “Walls”, The Time Framed collectively states: "This song is about feeling like you're not enough to reach your goals and dreams. Walls are constantly being built up around us that are discouraging. In this song, we focus on the idea of acknowledging these walls but that we have the strength to break down these walls and continue on our path to success.

Music Video

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