Finally! Now it’s time for the follow-up album to the debut “Sonic Birth” (2020) which received praise by both fans and critics, this time with a modified line-up.

TPSC are back with full force! The new release can once again be characterized as progressive metal with a range of elements of the entire progressive genre, this time with even more prog, more catchy melodies, but also more metal and heaviness.

“Sonic Rebirth” marks the logical continuation of its predecessor “Sonic Birth”, and can be understood as the second part of a musical, lyrical and overall sonic concept. With this record to already be the second concept album released by TPSC listeners can find elements they might recognize from the first album such as quotes, references, motifs and melodies besides a lot of new elements. Thematically, both “Sonic Birth” and “Sonic Rebirth” touch on the topic of human development and technology, visually characterized by the robot embryo as a major part of the artwork on both album covers.

The new studio album will once again feature some incredible musicians such as Vladimir Lalic (lead vocals), Megan Burtt (Gingerbomb), Jamie Powell & Simen Daniel Lindstad Børven (Leprous) on bass, Gerald Peter (known for his solo project & his work with Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess on his Rockestra project & Cirque du Soleil providing keyboard leads & piano, TPSC live drummer Tim Korycki (Tomorrow's Eve) plus appearances by Adam Marko (drums) & Zsolt Kaltenecker (keys) from SPECIAL PROVIDENCE, Luis Conte (Eric Clapton, Phil Collins) on percussions, Damiano Della Torre (Luciano Pavarotti, Terence Trent D’Arby, Tom Jones, Joe Cocker) on accordion, and many more!

"Sonic Rebirth" was mastered by Reuben Cohen from Lurssen Mastering who have won multiple Grammy Awards, and who is also known for his work with legends such as Metallica and many other greats.

Mastermind and guitarist Florian Zepf once more was in charge of all compositions and the production.

Conceptionally „Sonic Rebirth“ consists of a total of eight parts. The tracks blend into each other so that the listener can get immersed into futuristic soundscapes and has an uninterrupted and progressive listening experience. "Sonic Rebirth“ is an organic prog-metal album and the logical continuation of the debut with a new generation of top musicians from the prog genre. TPSC are back!

Part I: About To Leave
Part II: I Am Here
Part III: Of My Senses
Part IV: Destroy Chemistry
Part V: Talk To Me
Part VI: Copies Don’t Exist
Part VII: The Core
Part VIII: Goodbye To Love

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