We are pleased to announce the release of the second video single from The Medea Project's exciting Southern Echoes extended EP. The band's haunting cover of Sol Invictus' 'Kneel To The Cross' premieres today, exclusively at Kronos Mortus News webzine. Recorded live and raw in the studio, for the Metal4Africa on-line festival event, The Medea Project's take on this powerful song is filled with their own character and seethes with intense emotion. Head to Kronos Mortus News now to experience this bewitching interpretation...


The Medea Project's Brett Minnie and Pauline Silver shared their thoughts about their new video release...

"We had covered 'Kneel to the Cross' as part of our live show a few years ago and decided to redo it acoustically for the Metal4Africa sessions. By now we had managed to accumulate all sorts of traditional percussion instruments that we wanted to experiment with.

Our original cover version was quite militant with heavy use of the snare and then building towards a very punk feel towards the end. The acoustic version is very different and quite contrary to our amplified approach, it features a sole acoustic guitar, an array of seed shakers, a tambourine jingle and a vibra-slap; amplified by stamping on a wooden plank and underpinned with the boom of a Pow Wow drum. The sound is primal and stark yet heavy and dark and with Brett’s vocals, almost desolate.

Like everything for the Metal4Africa sessions this track was recorded in a single take, live in the room, so it is raw and uncompromising, captured in the moment."

Southern Echoes, featuring the band's entire Metal4Africa set and an in depth podcast discussing the individual nature of the South African underground music scene where The Medea Project were born, is available now from The Medea Project's Bandcamp page.You can also see the first part of the SA scene podcast as a video - Stories From The South African Underground: Part 1 - at The Medea Project's YouTube channel from today, with further episodes to be release every Monday.

The Medea Project's debut album Sisyphus is also still available and has received plaudits from across the metal press.

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