Sony Music Masterworks today releases THE MAURITANIAN (ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK) with music by acclaimed composer TOM HODGE. Available everywhere now, the album features score music composed by Hodge for the inspiring true story of Mohamedou Ould Slahi's fight for freedom after being detained and imprisoned without charge by the U.S. government. Nominated for two Golden Globe® Awards, The Mauritanian debuts today from STX Films.

Of the soundtrack, composer TOM HODGE says, "One of the first things that struck me from my discussions with [director] Kevin Macdonald was how deeply thematic the score needed to be. Sometimes themes can come out of the sound world you are building and gently present themselves to you, but this was not the case here! I sat down at the piano and wrote most of the core material in this very traditional manner. I drew on a pretty full spectrum of sound sources from acoustic to electronic – a kind of universal piano & string orchestra sound for Mohemadou, a more percussive but largely acoustic palette for Nancy Hollander, a hybrid blend of strings and processing for Lt. Colonel Stuart Couch and a deeply electronic palette of synths and sound design for the dark world of Guantanamo…

I think attaching themes to characters is probably cleaner even than attaching them to ideas and concepts, because if the musical material is robust enough then you can take the emotional content in the music anywhere required for that character's journey. Not only were these characters brilliantly portrayed, but they are real people too. Mohemedou's Salahi's story is deeply poignant and inspiration for the music was not hard to come by."

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