From the depths of the Zwotte Kring-collective rises the new band The Color Of Rain (TCOR), featuring experienced musicians from the Dutch metal scene. TCOR is a sonic exploration of the cosmos, with compositions that take you far away from the dreadful nothingness that we call existence. The music is firmly set in an expressive dark sound, flirting constantly with progressive metal. TCOR will appease fans from bands like Harakiri For The Sky, Mgła, Deathspell Omega and Mare Cognitum on the one hand, and Cynic, Ulcerate, Revocation and At The Gates on the other. 

Musically, their debut album 'Oceans Above' is an eclectic soundscape of Post Black Metal mixed with Progressive and- Technical Death Metal. A modern and exciting new approach to extreme music, with a thick and dark mix drawing the listener deep into the abyss. Melancholic acoustic passages and epic soaring melodies are followed up by a barrage of heavy, unsettling and dissonant darkness, swirling riffs, heavy blasts and extreme, almost schizophrenic vocals that will fully entice the listener. The album deals with the meaninglessness of life, with lyrics that speak of the void in all its aspects. Walking around on this godless planet, it is not difficult to find oneself longing for the stars. The vast void of life is what draws us beyond the earth. A disheartening and emotional story that will surely speak to the listener’s soul.


TCOR is the brainchild of Gerhans Meulenbeld (Sad State of Decay and ex-Incission, ex-As Empires Fall). During the pandemic, life proved once more how brittle and meaningless it really is. This renewed sense of insignificance inspired him for TCOR. The longing for the vast ocean in the sky, while developing a progressing contempt to humanity and its preposterous attempts to make sense of it all, fuelled his desire to create. Using his broad love of different styles of metal music, TCOR quickly became an exciting combination of atmospheric black metal and technical death with progressive passages. Through the Zwotte Kring-collective strong bonds were forged with Floris Velthuis (Asgrauw, Schavot, Meslamtaea, Sagenland) who was enlisted as drummer and bass player. Devi Hisgen (Cthulhuminati, Teitan) adds his voice, that can sound both as brutal and fragile as life can be.

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