TANKUS THE HENGE, today present the moving official video for: “god, oil, money”. Directed by Ashley Lawrence and Tankus the Henge guitarist Tim Fulker, the video features friends, fans and family of the band all listening to and singing the band’s revolutionary new anthem in unison. Watch here: https://youtu.be/NBPccVnBtE4

Making a stand for community and creativity in the face of bigotry and consumerism, “god, oil, money” finds Tankus and their army of fans turning-up the megaphones loud and clear to project a rousing message of hope and equality. Speaking about the video, Tankus say:

"We reached out to fans of the band to come and take part in this community-based video, and sing the song on camera after being filmed hearing it for the first time. Some of our participants who responded to our casting call were seeing people for the only time since March, so the emotional video resonates with the messages of neighbourliness.”

Ashley Lawrence is a filmmaker who specialises in work merging different art forms, exploring the relationship between film and performance. Drawing on her showman background, she explores the relationship between visuals, sound, colour and light to create collaborative and engaging film, developing character and experience onto screen.

Ablaze with Sgt. Peppers-esque trippery, Dexys’ pomp and a brazen glam-rock stomp, the track is the latest to emerge from their new album ‘Luna Park!’ - out 4 December 2020. Released digitally and as a 7” vinyl release, 50% of the profits will go directly to "The Flying Seagull Project", a charity who provide theatrical and circus based entertainment in refugee camps across Europe.

As frontman Jaz Delorean says of the track: “We wanted to write a song for the times, for everyone to sing; a noisy, chaotic anthem you can launch out of your heart and hear it echoed back from countless different voices. This is not a time to be building walls, but breaking them down and building bridges with the debris. Living in a gloriously multicultural land should be celebrated daily, and the question "where are you really from?" often hurts more than people give away, as it doesn't achieve anything. The important thing is we are all here, now, and we can be community together, and stronger for it.”

Written by Tankus The Henge (AKA Jaz Delorean, Tim Fulker, João Mello, George Simmonds, Franco Pellicani), the track was recorded at StudiOwz in Wales. It is one of 12 songs to feature on ‘Luna Park!’, a new album produced by Gethin Pearson (Badly Drawn Boy/whenyoung/Crystal Fighters).

Pitch-black satire shrouded in a neon glow; ‘Luna Park!’ sees Tankus the Henge protesting against the corporate gentrification of London’s Denmark Street and venue closures all across the UK. On their latest album, the visionary rock’n’roll story tellers dream of a utopian new world where independence and creativity are celebrated, and greed and capitalism are a thing of the past…

An album of fearless, outrageous rock'n'roll, ‘Luna Park!’ at once brings to mind Blur and the Blockheads, Motown to Madness; it’s a record that invites you to escape in its incandescent spectacle, but urges you spare a thought for the people who put it on.

Available on all streaming platforms, plus CD and vinyl, a hidden bonus track will also exclusively appear on the physical editions.


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