Symphony Towers, the one-man heavy/melodic power metal band that originated in March 2017 in the picturesque Brazilian city of Torres, Rio Grande do Sul, but is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand, and led by multi-instrumentalist Janilson Quadros, released its fifth album, the long-awaited "Isolation" on all digital streaming platforms on October 25.

"Isolation" presents a compelling set of six tracks that dive deep into the theme of isolation, exploring the nuances of this state that often elicits ambiguous and negative feelings.

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Recorded by Janilson Quadros at his home studio in Bangkok, Thailand.
Mixing and mastering by Roger Fingle (Blood Tears, Seduced by Suicide) at Nitro Studio in Caxias do Sul/RS.
Cover art by Mario Candiota

The album lyrics explore a wide range of themes, from the pursuit of fulfilling dreams to loneliness, sadness, the ceaseless quest for faith and salvation, wars and conflicts related to religion, and the connection to a higher religious entity. In other words, they represent the search for inspiration in the continuity of life, even if it entails confronting conflicting emotions.

Featuring stunning production by Roger Fingle (known for Blood Tears and Seduced By Suicide), "Isolation" is a masterful demonstration of the project's ability to uphold its distinctive musical identity and elevate it to a level that is certain to delight genre enthusiasts. This is achieved through the incorporation of epic and progressive elements.

Janilson Quadros shares his thoughts on the new album: "Creating this record presented a significant challenge, as it required us to preserve our characteristic style from previous albums while simultaneously striving to evolve musically by incorporating elements of Power Metal. However, I believe I have achieved a remarkable balance, delivering a work that proves captivating and engaging for listeners."


The band's evolution has been a journey marked by challenges and constant lineup changes, but they have consistently remained steadfast in their commitment to their art. In 2017, they released their debut EP "Time, Life, and Death."

Since its inception, the band/project has garnered a solid following under the solo leadership of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Janilson Quadros, who currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand. Influenced by bands such as Judas Priest, Helloween, Iron Maiden, Angra, Nightwish, Stratovarius, Within Temptation, and Theocracy, this loyalty is the result of the band's infectious sound—a hybrid fusion of classic heavy metal and power metal—enriched with nuances of prog metal.

After assuming the role of a solo project in 2020, Janilson released 'Scars of Mankind' (EP/2020), 'Fate Within the Shadows' (Album/2021), 'Lost in Somewhere' (Album/2022), and now the latest album 'Isolation' (2023). Each release demonstrates a remarkable musical evolution, reflecting his passion for creating compelling music and his determination to continue honing his versatility as a musician and songwriter.

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