Following their critically acclaimed 2020 - s/t debut album, Swedish blackened thrash metallers Sarcator are gearing up for the release of the band's upcoming full-length record, entitled "Alkahest", which will be coming out on October 21st via Black Lion Records. After the band has already released the first the first two singles "Grave Maggot Future" and "Dreameater", the four-piece follows up today with the brand new track "The Long Lost".

The band comments: "The Long Lost is an experimental song but at the same time a pretty simple one. The western inspiration for this song really shines through in the acoustic intro, middle-part and outro. We wanted those parts to sound like 'a man and his guitar doing his thing'. This song is the only one where we chose to tune down the guitars, which we thought the song demanded to show the full potential of its heaviness."

Being only between 17 and 23 years old, the four young gentlemen of Sarcator started with Metallica covers and after working on their own material, they went to Studio-MT in their hometown to record their debut album, which was released in November 2020. Just a few months after the release they got nominated to Best Swedish Metal Group for the 2021 edition of the radio listeners award "P3 Guld". Even if they lost out to LIK it was still a major confirmation that the band is on the right path. The music is heavily inspired by Metallica, Slayer as well as the German teutonic thrash metal wave and melodic death metal like The Crown and At The Gates. The Crown influences probably came by birth as the line-up features The Crown’s Marko Tervonen’s son Mateo Tervonen. This is the kind of death thrash that most old school fans live for.

Here and now, a few years later, the band's second album is about to be released, showing a more mature sound as well as a greater influence from bands like Dissection and Morbid Angel. "Alkahest" will be coming out via Black Lion Records and is available for pre-order at THIS LOCATION

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