The multinational 6 piece group Sublunary signed with Naqada Music Management promoting for their debut iconic live film performance 'Harmonix' from the latest self-titled debut EP.

Sublunary is a 6 piece international band originating in Egypt with members from Egypt, Syria, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. With a truly distinct sound, the band blends genres in a head banging, hip-swinging, blend of progressive rock inspired music. The young passionate musicians are Ahmed Diaa (Piano, Keyboards), Carlos Bras (Drums), Gamaleldin Ghaffar (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Hadi Birajakli (Lead Guitar), Ramy Abul-Ata (Bass, Guitar), and Tom Bell (Guitar, Sound Design).

Find their debut self-titled EP now on Spotify, Anghami, Apple Music, Deezer, and Amazon.

The 4-track EP is now available on all digital streaming platforms. The story behind 'Harmonix' is impressive indeed, the guys were very keen about the filmography and the production process.

The audio for the film itself was recorded live at Ganoub Studio in Cairo, with the help of Amr Hefny (sound engineer - record producer). The video production was created in collaboration with the genius behind Happy Days Films and a long-time member of the Sublunary family, Greg J. Philipon. He was flown in from Marseille last summer in 2019. The shoot for the video itself was conducted in two days, using one camera, and virtually no budget, by a French man who in supreme professionalism ran under the scorching Egyptian sun making no compromise in catching every angle and moment they needed. The interesting part here is the location for the live performance shooting which was set at the Roman Theatre.

Sublunary collaborated with Naqada Music Management to promote their live filmed performance 'Harmonix' which set to be released on Friday, August 14th, 2020.

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