STOCKHAUSEN & THE AMPLIFIED RIOT have released their new single "Hunky Punk" today via Doomed & Stonned. The track is taken from their new EP Era of the Inauthentic due out on on August 19, 2022 via Artificial Head Records.

Listen here:

Initially forming in early 2020 as a three-piece garage rock blues band, the pandemic put the brakes on the project and it's now continuing as a solo project by Paul Chavez. Drawing inspiration from styles including 70s krautrock, psych rock and post-punk, along with artists such as DAVID BOWIE, KRAFTWERK, and STEREOLAB to name a few, STOCKHAUSEN & THE AMPLIFIED RIOT thrives in the realms of experimentation. Era of the Inauthentic, the title taken from a quote by Alan Vega of SUICIDE, combines an alluring concoction of textures from clean-toned and fuzz laden guitars, to dynamic percussion and audio FX. "Adolescent Lighting" kicks off the new EP with a dynamic sound. "Hunky Punk" brings heavier guitars for a hard rock and punk fueled track, while "What if it Never Ends?" fuses distortion with a drum machine that oozes danceability. "Tilde Mae", the longest track on the release, delivers almost twelve minutes of Teutonic riffs, punchy beats and an injection of intriguing electronics. The minimalist effect of "Intubation Blues" vocals accompanied by drums and harmonica introduces a different mood, concluding the EP with a dramatic effect.

Era of the Inauthentic is an eclectic venture through STOCKHAUSEN & THE AMPLIFIED RIOT's distinctive sound. Powerful guitars deliver on the rock and punk elements of the project's music, while electronics enhance the atmosphere of each track. Full of unexpected segments, Era of the Inauthentic will keep you hooked from start to finish.

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