Italian metal band S.R.L. have just released their brand new single “LA COMMEDIA” on the major streaming platforms. The track is available at the following link:

Alcio, the band’s guitarist, says: “The song has been written during the lockdown, back in march 2020, and we decided to pay homage to the most influential Italian poet, Dante Alighieri, in the year of the 700th anniversary of his death.”

Khaynn, singer and lyrics writer, adds: “The lyrics came out as a celebration to the progenitor of the Italian language, which is S.R.L.’s mother tongue we always and proudly had used in our songs. The track tells about the struggle and the sorrow in Dante’s early years when he didn’t know if he was going to get good feedback from his job, but - on the other hand - he also felt the need to create as a primary urge”.

Panda, also guitarist and mixer/producer of the song, says: “This is just the first single of a series we’re working on and that we are going release in the near future, so stay in touch for further information through our official channels

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