Finnish metalcore/progressive metal hybrid Split Iris have released new single 'Oath', taken from the band's new album, Bloodred Dusk, out 28th June via Seek and Strike. 'Oath' is a dynamic and hard-hitting song that sets the tone for the entire album. This new offering is also a conceptual album that explores a wide range of sonic emotions.

Watch the 'Oath' video here:

Split Iris states: “Our new single, ‘Oath,’ is about finding oneself amid complete desperation with seemingly no way out. It is a reflection about everything that went wrong with humanity and how all the things one thought as stable truths collapsed in the view of the storyteller. However, even from the ashes of humanity there is a spark of hope to be found and the storyteller remembers the oath they made in the beginning of their story to never give up. Therefore, the storyteller sets out to find a way out of despair and carry the promise of restoring humanity, even if it would mean the end for them.

"The song has a very important meaning for us, as it carries a message about finding a solution no matter what we’re faced with. This powerful message is reflected musically in the song, and in the album’s story arc it’s a turning point of sorts, which is why the song is an obvious and natural choice to be a lead single as well.

"We're super excited of how the the music video turned out. It complements the song by visually achieving its deep message and its energy with the bands intense and mesmerizing movements and the energetic camera work. The colors and the lighting reflect the mixed feelings of despair and hope, which are the core themes of the song. We and the filming crew feel we really put our souls into the performance and the making of the video, which shows. The video and the song go hand in hand, merging into a complete experience and further deepening the story, taking it to a whole new level.

"Our new album, Bloodred Dusk, is a story of humanity and its looming end. The album reflects on different aspects of humanity’s limits and about its resilience. A common theme throughout the album is hubris as a trait of humanity, and how it blinds us from seeing our limits and our lack of control. Even in the face of total obliteration and in the moments of the deepest despair there is still trust that everything can be fixed. The story arc moves from a sense of stability to losing all hope and giving up, and finally to finding hope even amid complete ruin with seemingly no possible future for humanity. From the deepest moment of despair there is still a spark of hope to be found for a brighter future. But will it be enough? Is it already too late? What will it take to fix humanity’s course? That is the theme and the core thought underlying the story."

Watch the video to previous single 'Purge' here:

Split Iris are a Finnish progressive metalcore band combining elements of djent and many other styles of modern metal, resulting in a freshly unique mixture as their distinctive sound. The ambiences and massive soundscapes in the arrangements bring depth to the dark and driving down-tuned riffs, through which the mesmerising and catchy vocal melodies soar pristinely.

The quintet are based in Rauma, Finland and were formed in 2020. They are releasing their debut album in 2024 and will perform new songs live from the upcoming album. Relevant themes in the band’s music include self-acceptance and psychic resources. The down-tuned riffs and huge soundscapes inspire the listener to experience strong emotions, through which they can find spiritual strength in themselves and their surroundings.

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