“Get High” is written by one of Spinning Coin’s three songwriters Jack Mellin, who says about the track: “Get High is about the absurdity of life, and the contradictions we often make. When I notice how different I feel from moment to moment and realise I don’t really know what I'm doing, I might be constantly looking for amusement and contentment, but what could provide that keeps changing. Not realising the good feeling till it's gone, or enjoying something in the moment then regretting it later. Trying to act on instinct and intuition but being unable to trust it. Being high is different for everyone but we all try to get high!”

Hyacinth is an album full of poetry, light and warmth of heart, and presents a band holding nothing back. It registers a number of changes for the group since their debut LP Permo in 2017: personnel changes, geographical changes, a new context, an ever-changing world outside. The quartet both lost and gained a member, with Cal Donnelly exiting the group, and Rachel Taylor joining. Taylor and Armstrong have relocated, leaving Glasgow for Berlin – Rachel, from Canada, had no choice but to leave the UK, and Sean followed her.

Throughout Hyacinth, there is joy in spades, but also melancholy, and a checked fury, threading the group’s political vision through their reflections on the personal and the interpersonal. Jack Mellin – one of the band’s three songwriters - explains that the new songs are about the need for love in an often very unloving world. Trying to find a balance of some kind between feelings of apathy, negativity, detachment and action, positivity and oneness.” Whilst Mellin’s songs were more pointedly political on Permo, here he has built more complexity into his writing. Elsewhere, Taylor contributes her first song to a Spinning Coin release, in the form of the beautiful “Black Cat”.

Listen to previously shared tracks “Feel You More Than World Right Now” and “Ghosting”.

Hyacinth is available to pre-order on deluxe LP (yellow vinyl), LP, CD and digitally. Pre-order: Dom Mart | Digital

Watch the video for “Get High” here.
Stream “Get High” here.

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