Having grown up in the East German metal scene of the late 2000s, Maximilan Seifert moved to the metropolis of electronic music, Berlin, a few years later. Under the alias Spell Trouble, he now combines the best of both worlds: Distorted guitar music and rhythmic beats from nostalgic drum computers. His first single ‘Thorn Armor’ shines like a black diamond in a disused TR-808 and is, strangely enough, both ultra dark and ultra catchy.

The escape into alternative realities and fictional worlds can be described as a kind of leitmotif of Spell Trouble. How is it possible to face one's own demons and engage with them without losing oneself in the process? The protagonist in the song ‘Thorn Armor’ also has to perform this balancing act: By leaving his own comfort zone, he manages to engage with new experiences and physical and emotional changes, ultimately facing up to the problems of the real world. ‘Shy guy in my thorn armour, shy guy torn apart’, it says, and the dichotomy becomes clear: the protagonist may be shy, but in the end, he knows damn well how to make his audience dance.

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