SONS OF ARRAKIS have released a video for their previously released single "Scattering". The video, created by Frank Apache, lands ahead of their forthcoming album Volume II due to be released on June 7th, 2024, via Black Throne Productions. Check out the video HERE.

The track can also be streamed HERE.

Of the video the band shares: "'We're super excited to present this music video created by Frank Apache. It will surely lead to a future partnership. He really has a clear vision of horror and sci-fi aesthetic kind of video.''

Diving deep into the video, Apache comments: "The idea for this music video was to create something original that fans of the Dune universe could relate to, while still making it accessible to everyone else.

"From the second I heard the first riff, I could feel the urgency in it and knew I wanted to create something with either motorcycles or people running, or something like that. The issue with that though, was creating something that would not come off as cliché

"The idea of retro-futurism then came along. Using the new technology at our disposal (Ai and some vfx) and then finishing up the look using old analog methods (no plugins here, bud) just seemed like the right play. A pretty ambitious one might I add, cause this took a couple months of intensive work.

"Although it was a complex workflow, and at times it is frustrating I think the end result still managed to have a good narrative and make a few statements. The themes tackled here seem abstract in a way, they do all originate from real life. Prison, the rush for scientific cures, mental escapism, and who has never worked at a soul sucking job, working from some rich schmuck? Even mental fortitude… When my face got mauled by a dog, I definitely learnt about that!

"All artistic bullshit aside, I just wanted to create something fucking cool for the band, that if it was a feature film, I would would definitely have it in my vhs collection."

Beginning in 2019, the Montreal-based band describe their sound as Melange Rock and Cinematographic Sci-Fi Rock and draw inspiration from Frank Herbert's Dune novels. Their debut album, Volume I, released on July 15th, 2022, made a significant impact, quickly climbing to the number 1 spot on the Doom Chart in July 2022. January 2023 saw the outfit embark on the "Interprovincial Wormhole Tour", followed by the "Orbiting the Void Tour" in June, and their first international run of shows in Mexico in October. SOA are now preparing for "The Great Scattering Tour" around the Eastern Provinces in Canada beginning on February 28th, 2024.

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