Not taking for granted that her twenties would be a decade of glory and growth, nomadic Irish, Brighton-via-Manchester-based songwriter, Solis, expresses an awesome sense of self-awareness, self-care and feminine power as she sets the scene for her upcoming Priestess EP. Releasing the glistening Scenery as the first of a promised five tracks queued for full release in early 2023, themes of escape, recovery and waiting not a day longer for the future to begin resound around the re-emerging artist’s dew drop vocals.

Taking to the road for an indeterminate amount of time to shake off a year of unexpected trauma and forming a resultant tower of resilience, Solis’ new music arrives as the songwriter herself leaves the scene. Through previous releases, including acclaimed singles, Sunday and Jungle, Solis’ journey into adulthood was partially mapped by song, yet for every acclamation of doubt, frustration and solace to be found in her own artistry, the future played its hand and presented her with unimaginable heart ache and physical stress. Solis’ response is to release a new EP of her songs that strengthen her beliefs, her memories and her resolve.

Scenery’s message of longing for the experience of isolation and peace as the city’s swollen tides threaten suffocation is released as Solis drives a self-converted camper van from her Brighton home to destinations unknown, while planning a return for spring and summer 2023 live headline and festival dates. Mixing the influence of Jeff Buckley with the poetry of Kate Bush and Laura Marling’s deft hand in transporting profound matters of the soul, Solis’s new music blooms in vivid colour.

Solis says of this and further, imminent releases: “The EP as a whole is the result of my exploration of what I want from my 20s, this was before a traumatic accident and profound loss of a family member, after which the message didn’t change, but actually grew stronger. ‘Scenery’ is the result of wanting to be somewhere more peaceful, away from the business of the city.”

Returning to Manchester’s Someone Great Records to release new music, Solis uncovers the full Priestess EP on Wed 18 January 2023. Asking questions and drawing answers from a plain of consciousness beyond that which lies directly before her, the title of the EP was drawn from a tarot card, with the word appearing to sum up the urgent need to communicate and find release through the five, powerful songs contained within.

Solis’ debut EP Open was released in summer 2022 and found immediate support from influential media including Gemma Bradley and her BBC Radio 1 Introducing show. Finding no more to fear on stage than in the studio, Solis has unleashed her powers in front of festival crowds, including those of Kendal Calling, Liverpool’s Sound City and Dot to Dot as well as supporting artists including Blossoms, Abbie Ozard, Francis Lung and Liz Lawrence.

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