Social Animals release "Best Years", out January 17th via Rise Records, and the accompanying video, which sees the band presented in black and white as they perform, the hazy visuals reflecting the constant movement of life on the road.

"Best Years" encapsulates the feeling of putting life on pause during tour, and watching that decision manifest into stunted relationships as those you leave behind inevitably move on and continue to grow without you. Frontman Dedric Clark’s lyrics cut through the glamorisation of life on the road, when he proclaims “One too many times when you’re always leaving, nobody cares if you stay. And some nights when I drive, I’m not sure who steers. I can’t tell if I’m wasted or just wasting all my best years”.

“Constant travel turns you into a ghost in your own home. The first time you leave, there are tears when you go and tears when you return. The tenth time, nobody asks where you’re going. The hundredth time, nobody cares” Dedric Clark.

Social Animals’ music is all at once euphoric and melancholy, hazy and expansive. Drawing on influences such as The Cure, Oasis and New Order, the band’s music captures the paranoid uncertainty and optimistic self-delusion that survival in today’s world demands.

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