Skratte was founded as a solo project by Hevnbrann in 2012 in order to materialize his musical vision.

Inspired by the coldness and brutality of Norwegian Black Metal as well as the characteristic versatility and harmonious playing of the French, Skratte started out combining the most diverse elements and motives in its distinct sounds.

While “Akt I” still had more of a classic, melodic Black Metal orientation with Folk elements, Hevnbrann allows “Akt II” to rise up against the boundaries of conventional Folk Black Metal, occasionally crossing them and merging furious Black Metal with clean male vocals, Gothic Rock reminiscences, monumental acoustic arrangements and melancholic violins into a totally unique soundscape that reaches out to listeners and then draws them in relentlessly.

Thematically, “Akt II” gives a voice to the nature spirits and accompanies them on an emotional journey that takes them ever onwards, struggling and striving against the turmoil of today’s world.
Recording info Recorded, mixed and mastered by Markus Stock at Klangschmiede Studio E, July 2022.

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