SHE Major is a Belgian artist of few words, but when she does speak, slow ethereal beats coil around her penetrating voice. On her first EP, ‘Music in SHE Major’, the singer balances elegantly between BANKS’ pop noir and Jessie Ware.

The idea had been bubbling away in her head for a while, but SHE Major only took form in 2014. She got behind her piano, picked out a melody and played around with the beats in complete anonymity. ‘Music in SHE Major’ is the singer’s first venture into the daylight.

“I was searching for a long time”, says the Belgian, “but making music really gives me satisfaction. I’ve been able to write away a lot of things.” In the past she flirted with jazz, trip hop and pop, but fell in love with dark, futuristic electropop. BANKS, FKA twigs and Jessie Ware dart around playfully in SHE Major’s soul.

“I prefer individuality to a perfect sound”, she continues. ‘Music in SHE Major’ is filmic, with a thick black border. A character voice like Lana Del Rey is never far away. “I automatically lean towards dark music. I struggle with insomnia. All the ideas haunting my mind have to get out. The sleepless nights colour my music. Every song has to meet one simple condition: it must be pure.”

After having to deal with some personal setbacks, the singer found release in her new project. “I’ve survived several storms, but I’m basically looking forward to the future now.” And the future looks rosy. ‘Please Don’t’, the first single that dropped in 2017 has got a positive reception in the blogosphere both in Belgium and abroad. And also ‘Je Ne sais Quoi’ and ‘Quiet House’ got their fair share of online supporters.

“‘Please Don’t' pulls at the heartstrings and marks the arrival of a talented new singer-songwriter”, says the well-known British blog, The Line of Best Fit, approvingly. And the renowned Indie Shuffle sings the praises of the Belgian singer too, “It's a voice that is buttery smooth, and awfully addicting.”

SHE Major was once anonymous, but her music is gradually starting to make a virtual trip around the world. “More than anything else, I want to keep making honest music and I hope to play as many shows as possible", she finishes.

Listen to the EP here:

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