Meeting at the convergence of electronic and organic percussions, JOMORO is the moniker for the duo of…
JOEY WARONKER – Veteran drummer of session and live renown with the likes of Paul McCartney, Johnny Cash, Adele, Beck, Roger Waters, Air and R.E.M., and full-fledged member of Ultraista and Atoms for Peace, the latter of which also featured bandmate…
MAURO REFOSCO – International percussionist hailing from Brazil to Broadway—specifically David Byrne’s American Utopia—with additional credits ranging from Vampire Weekend and Red Hot Chili Peppers to Dirty Projectors, Bebel Gilberto and Caetano Veloso, among others.
With Brazilian flavor, alternative energy and an experimental expanse, the malleable nature of JOMORO’s music is on full display in the 12 tracks encompassing Blue Marble Sky, their debut full-length out Friday, June 4.
Blue Marble Sky was written, played and produced by Joey and Mauro, who made the most of their pandemic downtime trading files bi-coastally, and enlisting collaborators such as bassist Gabe Noel (Kendrick Lamar, Kamasi Washington), trumpeter Michael Leonheart (Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars) and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Mooney (Other Lives).

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