Scott Michaels, the former frontman of Virgin Idol, has recently announced the formation of his new band SEPULCHRA, and the release of two new singles available on the Virgin Idol Records Bandcamp page. According to Scott, the formation of SEPULCHRA was a result of his previous band's frontman JR Preston departing due to a lack of interest in the heavier, thrashier direction of the music.

The two tracks released by the band under the V.I.R. banner are notably heavier than the initial direction of Virgin Idol. The addition of 80's thrash and shred-style guitar flair sets these tracks apart. According to Scott, "I have a continuous flow of melodies that come to me naturally, and I simply archive them for later use and build from these basic structures. I wrote the rhythm guitar structures first and then sent them to the session drummer, Kevin Talley (Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Napalm Death, etc). After the drums were returned I re-recorded everything, mixed, and sent it off for mastering. Solos are generally the last thing I will do prior to mixing."

Talley's percussion work on these tracks is incredibly impressive and complements the heavy and technical guitar work perfectly. There are comparisons to be made to the European thrash movement of the late 1980s, but with a modern twist of its own. SEPULCHRA's sound is notably unique, with a blend of various influences ranging from 80's music to classical Persian folk music. SEPULCHRA's new singles reflect the evolution of Scott's music: "SEPULCHRA is a true return to those initial roots and is a move forward from Virgin Idol (in terms of discography/evolution)."

Scott's philosophical background is evident in the lyricism of SEPULCHRA. According to him, "There are certain liminal Miltonian and Schopenhauerian influences, lyrically speaking. I tend to focus lyrically on the human condition through the lens of suffering." Scott, who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Master of Arts in Humanities, believes that the meaning behind the lyrics should be discovered within the listener, a unique approach that sets SEPULCHRA apart from other bands.

SEPULCHRA's new releases are a welcome addition to the thrash metal scene, and the band is already attracting new fans with their heavy, technical and unique sound. The pre-existing Virgin Idol fanbase is also showing interest in the new band's releases. SEPULCHRA has set the bar high with their new singles, and we cannot wait to hear what else they have in store for us.

Check out 2 new singles from SEPULCHRA on the V.I. Records Bandcamp page:

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