"Sea Songs" is the new EP by pianist and composer Friedrich. The work is available on all digital streaming platforms and on bluespiralrecords.com.

Album description:

The Sea as a way out, with its voices, the footsteps that disappear and turn into light. It is not a border, it has no border, it carries thoughts of other times, fragments of other places. People. It is awakening. Crystal in the midst of breaths and horizons. Each song contains. Like Shells.

The Artist:

Born in the mists, where the outlines are never defined. The only hill, far away, is the moon. The breath of the river that becomes and shapes, that drags sounds, perhaps that was the first approach to music. Then it was a crescendo of white and black vortices. Travel and Faces, Piano and Forte. In constant listening and research, it sees no boundaries.

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