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The return of Grammy winning songwriter, Creed frontman, and platinum-certified solo artist, Scott Stapp is underway. As new single, “Purpose For Pain,” gains traction, Scott today revealed the July 19th release date, the meaningful cover art, and the track listing for his first album in six years, THE SPACE BETWEEN THE SHADOWS (Napalm Records). The announcement coincides with the album’s pre-order where fans will be gifted two instant grat tracks – “Purpose For Pain,” and “Name,” with two more to come – “Face of the Sun,” (5/31) and “Gone Too Soon,” (7/12). The pre-order is live now at

THE SPACE BETWEEN THE SHADOWS is powered by Stapp’s introspective lyrics and his pitch perfect delivery that has consistently brought anthems of gratitude and optimism to music’s darker side.
Lead single, and first IG track, “Purpose For Pain,” is now one of the most-added at rock radio in the U.S. and internationally, has stormed playlists like Spotify’s Rock Hard list, and been bolstered by its video. In it, we see the underlying contributors of, and the fight against, addiction and depression through the eyes of a child who escapes an abusive home, begins a solitary journey, tries to avoid chemical “solutions” for his pain, finds a battered-but-still-standing safe place where he wages an intense personal fight, and finally finds his way to an elevated, clear view of the all the possibilities ahead.

This album comes at a time where I have empathy, instead of anger, for what the ‘boy’ in the video went through. My heart will always ache for him but as a man who’s had successes, failures, four children, and a lot of support, I now identify with the boy in the last frame who sees infinite possibilities on the horizon and he finally trusts that he never really walks alone. The album cover is related to that concept – a boy journeys within and emerges a man with stories to tell and lessons to share.”

Track Listing:
  1. “World I Used To Know”
  2. “Name”
  3. “Purpose For Pain”
  4. “Heaven In Me”
  5. “Survivor”
  6. “Wake Up Call”
  7. “Face of the Sun”
  8. “Red Clouds”
  9. “Gone Too Soon”
  10. “Ready To Love”
    Bonus track: “Last Hallelujah”
    Bonus track: “Mary Crying”

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