After 'Precious Nothings' and 'Open Doors' vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Scarlett O’Hanna releases 'Unafraid', third single from her forthcoming album Precious Nothings (out 26/04). The song reflects O’Hanna’s evolution as an artist and long-term breakthrough laid out plainly on the first verse: “These are unloving times to live but / At the end of fear is a door.”

There’s a comforting force about “Unafraid”, the opening track of Precious Nothings. The song stands out as one of the most powerful moments of the new album, and a testament to Scarlett O’Hanna ability to combine profound lyrics and mesmerising soundtracks that stir up emotions in unique ways. Epic layers of 80s-influenced synths and beat bolster O’Hanna’s poetic yet direct prose, with her singing pulling the listener in with fierce and tender grace.

On the production process of the song, O’Hanna says: “I think Unafraid is quite representative of the cinematic feel of the record I wanted to lean into. From very early on, I pictured an enveloping sound, a sound that breathes but that is also grounded. Bass lines have been starters for many of the songs on Precious Nothings”.

Scarlett O’Hanna first recorded the song at home before entering Robot Studio to collaborate with Pieterjan Coppejans who co-produced and mixed all the tracks on Precious Nothings. “We started from the session I’d worked in at home, re-recorded the vocals and breathed new analog life into some of the synth tracks”.


28/4, Les Nuits Botanique, Brussels

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