Maryland’s rising heavy rock band Savage Hands have unleashed an intense new video today for their next single titled “Blue” from the band’s forthcoming debut album, "The Truth In Your Eyes", out on January 31st via SharpTone Records.

“The truth in your eyes is a whirlwind of emotion, catching a glimpse of life in its entirety. Love, loss, change and empathy. You can expect to be left feeling as if you went through hell and back, but coming out on top a changed person” - Mike Garrow (vocals)

Just above a scorching sonic fusion of alternative experimentation, metallic energy, and rock appeal, Savage Hands detail the trials and tribulations of addiction, deceit, depression, and heartbreak. The Maryland quintet - Mike Garrow [vocals], Justin Hein [guitar], Nathan O’Brien [guitar], Jayvon Green [bass], and Alex Gacek [drums] - paint poignant pictures without pulling any punches on their 2020 full-length debut, "The Truth In Your Eyes".

“We worked really hard on trying to create memorable moments in each song” says Mike. “The lyrics and melodies were main focus. It was about doing something a little different. All of the stories on the record point towards truth and lies. If you look at someone, their eyes will often reveal the truth, even if they don’t say it. We tried to take some risks and really just strive to be us”.

The metalcore-infused-alternative-rock outfit introduced a singular identity on the 2018 EP, "Barely Alive". The project quietly put up nearly 2 million total streams in less than a year as they attracted early praise from the likes of Alternative Press who claimed “it’s the lyricism that channels the most emotion”. In between touring with the likes of Wage War, Palisades, and Kublai Khan, they signed to SharpTone and began work on what would become "The Truth In Your Eyes". Savage Hands built a full studio at Michael’s place and recorded these eleven tracks alongside producer Andrew Baylis [My Enemies & I, Sylar]. Ultimately, Savage Hands present a whole new story for heavy music with heart-wrenching honesty.

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The Truth In Your Eyes Tracklisting:
2. Brain Dead
3. Blue
4. Demon
5. Rotten Soul
6. Washed Away
7. Lonely
8. Bloodshot
9. Break The Ice
10. Crazy

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