The band released their debut record Slumbersong (Hibernacula Records) in March 2017, which received a 4K Kerrang review, coverage in Terrorizer, and airplay on Radio Fenriz. Since then they've released a single, Starve, and have toured the UK and Ireland with Cybernetic Witch Cult, Morag Tong, Morass of Molasses, and ZhOra.

Latest single Mannequin is a more progressive, psychedelic direction for the band. Singer and guitarist Tim Kazer notes: “Mannequin at its heart; in its heart, is a very honest look at the unhealthy places relationships can go. Its lyrics speak of the pain of losing who you are in the act of grasping for something that just isn’t there anymore. That may never have been there. There’s real moments of beauty to the song, amongst all the bitterness and anger and the chorus is one of my favourites we’ve ever written.

Pre-order Mannequin here (Includes a Synthwave remix and an extended version):

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