Dutch speed metal icons Sad Iron are proud to announce that their new album "Chapter II - The Deal" will be out on 19/04/2019 via Wormholedeath/The Orchard/Wormholedeath USA worldwide. The album is already available in Brazil via Hellion Records .

Sad Iron was formed in 1979 by guitarist Bernard Rive. The band released 2 albums so far, "Total Damnation" in 1983 and "The antichrist", recorded in 1985 and due to several reasons, released in 2016. Now they are back with their 3rd full-lenght album "Chapter II - The Deal" : 10 songs of pure 80's old school speed / thrash metal!!

01 The Deal (The Story Of Miss Betty)
02 Revolution
03 Raise Hell
04 Warmonger
05 Now It’s Dark
06 Fighting For Revenge
07 F.O.B. (Fuck Off Bitch)
08 Murder Of Crows
09 Weaponized
10 We Play To Kill 2019 (Bonustrack)

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