Faroese singer-songwriter Marius Ziska and his band will release their forthcoming new album “RÚM” on March 10th via Tutl Records. Entirely in Faroese language, RÚM is the sixth studio album by Marius Ziska. The album title means both room and space in Faroese: it captures the essence of the lyrics well since they fluctuate between the very personal and intimate to the big existential questions of modern existence in a late modern age.

With RÚM, Marius Ziska manages to take their music to yet another level of eclectic musicianship: in addition to the six-piece band that has been Marius Ziska for the past many years, this album sees a contribution by the world-renowned Rob Moose, who has composed and played the string arrangements on some of the tracks.

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About Marius Ziska

Marius Ziska has been one of the most important voices on the Faroese music scene for many years. With 5 album releases on their back, the band has gained a lot of attention and gathered a large fanbase in and outside of the North. He’s been associated with Bon Iver and Icelandic Ásgeir Trausi with their very similar taste in sound. Marius Ziska has a love for electronic pop music mixed with the melancholy of the Faroese nature.

His first full album release was under the name Marius when he released the album The Sky Is Our Home (2006). Under the same name, he released the EP Masses in 2011. Since then, he has released three albums under the name Marius Ziska - Recreation (2013), Home/Heim (2015) and, Portur (2018). His first albums were sung in English, while Home/Heim is half English and half Faroese, while the latest release Portur (2018) is all in Faroese.

“It kind of feels like I’ve been studying music my whole life,” says Marius Ziska, “but I don’t have a degree in music.” Born and based in the Faroe Islands, Ziska has traced distinctly attentive, inquisitive route maps across modern alt-folk landscapes, always with his untutored and exploratory instincts as guiding lights. Working with lyricist Hans Jacob Kollslíð and a revolving troupe of guest musicians, Ziska’s introspective and expansive music unfolds with a richly intuitive sense of space and feeling: warm and generous, melancholy and meditative, this is adventurous, inviting music to enfold and lift the spirit.

Ziska’s journey began modestly. A gift of a drumkit from his father when Marius was nine steered him towards bass, guitar and singing. His parents are “not musicians,” Marius says, “but they are very musical in some way.” His own innate musicality began to manifest most clearly at 15, the age when he started writing songs “non-stop”. As Marius elaborates, he first formed a band at 16, at a time when grunge and its progenitors spoke loudly to teenagers from Seattle to Søldarfjørður, Ziska’s birthplace. “Those bands were the bands that got me really interested in playing guitar and singing – bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden. I really learned a lot during that time, but we were just 16-year-old boys learning how to play our instruments.”

Welcoming and reflective, the depths of thought and feeling in Ziska’s music resonate in every “pure and beautiful” note. “It feels as if your heart is about to burst,” sings Marius in Faroese on ‘Fall to the Ground’. Balms for the bruised of heart, Ziska’s songs lay bare just how that feels.

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