RUBY THE HATCHET have released the track 'Deceiver' as the second single from the forthcoming album "Fear Is a Cruel Master". The New Jersey psychedelic heavy rockers will unleash their eagerly anticipated new full-length on October 21, 2022. Please find all details regarding this masterpiece below.

The track 'Deceiver' is now available for immediate publication via this link:

The radio single has also been cleared for broadcasting and can be downloaded in MP3 and WAV format at this link: (click here for Dropbbox)

RUBY THE HATCHET comment: "We are definitely going after our live energy with these singles, because 'Deceiver' immediately follows 'Thruster' in our current set list", singer Jillian Taylor explains. "There is no break, no tuning, it just goes straight into the next punch. The chorus is powerful and personal: 'Deceiver, all is not lost, but wide oceans wait for you to cross'. From a lyrical perspective, 'Deceiver' is written with a hard-learned experience of mine in mind, a common departure on 'Fear Is a Cruel Master' compared to our previous albums. Instead of relating to something medieval or otherworldly, my anger and sadness felt visceral and relatable. The song deals with wanting to forgive someone dear who has betrayed you, and finding strength in forgiving. It is also about leaving the door open rather than slamming it shut and burning down the house that you built together. It is a hopeful song for the wounded."

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