Pickle has dropped many record-breaking hits in recent years, starting with worldwide favorite “Body Work” in 2019, along with follow-up singles “Blow’” and “On The Drums,” racking up incredible DJ support alongside tens of millions of streams. Praised for Pickle’s distinctive house sounds, often filled with unique hooks and acute bass riffs, Pickle has risen to fame in recent years. By signing with UTA worldwide in 2021, Pickle has been able to embark on a full-scale, intercontinental tour, with plans to continue this into 2024. Capitalizing on a rapidly expanding fan base, 2022’s “Magic Dragon” was an overwhelming success, as was the hit single “Crank That.” Most recently, Pickle was featured as one of the Top 100 producers on the 1001 Tracklist official charts.

Pickle takes the next step in its already accomplished career – diving deep in the jar for the hottest selects to release on its upcoming imprint: brine records. Born out of a passion for the infectious rhythm of tech house, intertwined with the nostalgic energy of 90's rave culture, brine records is here to channel the curations of its renowned predecessor.

Known for electrifying performances and a penchant for pushing boundaries, Pickle’s vision is to handpick the records that have changed the music landscape throughout its illustrious live career — channeling a sound that can only be described as the perfect fusion of cutting-edge tech house with a nod to the golden era of raving. From Pickle’s captivating live performances, it’s clear that it can get a room moving, as expressed in the upcoming releases from Brine Records.

The label's first single, “Stompin’,” is out now and brings forth a sound akin to the infamous Berlin-rave vibration. This contemporary take on a classic is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and IS already an instant fan favorite.

Stay tuned as brine records leaves its mark by conserving the most dynamic music on the imprint, promising to deliver releases that resonate, pulsate, and leave an indelible mark on the global music scene. The journey begins – giving the Pickle sound a diversified platform while staying true to the notion that every release on brine records should focus on preserving the best sounds in electronic music.

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