PRC MUSIC was closed in December of 2020 after 10 years and close to 150 releases from all types of Metal. Rémi and Lucie (a couple in real life) were handling the label's operations, booking their nomadic mini fest "Metal bash" as well as working full-time jobs on a daily basis. Releasing 20-25 albums per year the last few years, the label was on steady growth and gaining in popularity and momentum.

So, why close the label when success was at reach?

"We were fed up with working 17 hours a day, that's it! We had no life whatsoever except for when we were going out for a month on the Caribbean beaches to recharge our batteries. Then Lucie quit, she went back to school to become an accountant and I decided it was too much for one person to handle, we did have other personal projects so I've decided it was the right time to stop and take a break from all this. It was a work of passion and it was fun to see this thing grow to a point where it was way too much for us to handle and just not as fun anymore... So I was looking at "retiring" from the business so to speak. But after a year in covid-mode and stocked at home without much to do besides listening to good old heavy metal, I've decided to start something smaller, molded and forged in the fire of true classic thrash and heavy metal... I found the label name while I was on a VENOM binge... well, one of the few dozen VENOM binges I've had the last few months before starting RipRide Records a few weeks ago... we'll keep things small, 2-3 releases a year, working with thrash and classic metal-inspired bands... I have 3 bands on the label right now, Chemicide from Costa Rica, Ancesthor from Mexico and Amulett from Argentina... I love this trio to death, they are all awesome bands. Working with my buddies from Chemicide again makes me very happy... it weighed quite a bit in the decision process of starting a new label knowing they would follow me in this new adventure. So here we go again... I've just turned 52 years old, I'm not doing this for money or fame... it's always about the music. Its passion. It's all about the Metal.

Hope you all join us for the (Rip) Ride!" - Rémi

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