Sam recently gave his life a new twist by coming out as a transgender man. A courageous decision which he documents in his weekly vlog on YouTube. But, at the same time, at this turning point in his life, when his ambition knows no boundaries, he also started a new band, Rex Rebel, with his longtime buddies Reinout Swinnen and Wim Van der Westen (also members of K’s Choice).

Although K's Choice has been the common thread of his career, Sam has always embodied change in his musical endeavors. Apart from 4 highly successful solo albums, he also made musical contributions to several soundtracks and documentaries, appeared on over 30 major label compilations and contributed music or vocal performances for a whole series of multiplatinum artists. And now again, in 2019, by starting Rex Rebel, Sam has reinvented himself. This new band is nothing less than another expression of Sam's inexhaustible creativity.

No more than a month ago, the band released their first single “Big Shot” in Europe. The single was immediately received with open arms by the national radio stations in Belgium, followed by remarkable TV appearances of the band in leading talk shows in the Benelux.
The music video for ‘Big Shot’ is an editing masterpiece. It introduces Rex Rebel as individuals, but also as the sum of its parts... all for one, one for all. It was directed by Reinout Swinnen, one of the band’s members. It’s the type of music video that makes you want to go back to the MTV days, original and fun to watch.

At this moment, the band is finishing the recording of their first album “Run”, which is due to be released by V2 Records in Europe on February 28, 2020 and will be followed by the band’s first club shows in capital cities Brussels and Amsterdam, more specifically in the Ancienne Belgique and Paradiso, two of the most historical and iconic venues in Europe. As the sold-out sign for these shows are in the making, more shows will be announced soon, followed by summer festivals.

Rex Rebel has begun to pave the way to the top and… the road to Coachella, a 15 min drive from Sam’s home and one of the band's lofty goals.
Music Video


  • March 10th @ AB, Club (sold out!)
  • May 4th @ Het Depot, Leuven

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