New UNFD signee and up 'n' comer Reece Young has released the brand new single "LOW" today. Listen here. Watch the visualizer here.

The artist has channeled very relatable feelings regarding anxiety of the unknown into a perfectly crafted and infectious hybrid of earworm pop and gloriously rebellious art rock that sticks with you for days.

"Thematically speaking, it continues the story of my fear of the unknown", Young states. "The constant worrying about what lies ahead is represented by the violent guitar riffs. 'I'm used to seeing black' is the key line."

With deep care and intention for everything he does for his fans, Young hopes that he can "help the listener know there's someone else out there that struggles with the same things they do. I want people to find solace and a hand to hold in the darkness, through my music."

If you are feeling "LOW", allow Reece Young and his music to lift you up. "LOW" follows "DARK", which was Young's debut single for UNFD.

New Jersey born and raised, Reece emerged and gained traction via his self-released early music. He lays it all out there has put all the adversity he's faced, his personal struggles, his frustration, into a vulnerable and universally authentic sound. Young, now Nashville-based, is "one of us" — a music obsessive who has channeled his passion for the scene and his favorite artists into making his own and getting onto the stage himself. With a modus operandi of sharing tales of facing adversity, overcoming personal struggles, by tying open-vein vulnerability and authenticity to gargantuan choruses, the time is now for Reece Young to set about joining the big leagues and emulating what his heroes have done before him.

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