New Album "Paradise" Due Out December 4th Via Pure Noise Records

Punk-rockers Red City Radio have released their brand new single “100,000 Candles” today. Combining their anthemic guitar melodies with vocalist Garrett Dale’s impassioned lyrics, the track perfectly highlights the band’s ability to tell relatable stories through rock music.

"The image of the burning forest as candles turns something destructive into an image we associate with hope” shares drummer Dallas Tidwell. “It becomes a chance that isn't too late to change our fate, to choose a new path. To learn from those mistakes we have to ask ourselves: How did we get here? Why is the world on fire?".

“100,000 Candles” is the most recent single from Red City Radio’s upcoming full-length album "Paradise", which will be released December 4th, 2020 via Pure Noise Records. There is – obviously – a great irony in naming any album released in 2020 "Paradise". It’s a year that’s been anything but on so many levels that it doesn’t even bear getting into. Yet that’s exactly what Red City Radio decided to title its fourth full-length record. It also might seem an odd thing for a band that has always kind of been the underdog to do but, in fact, it’s very much in keeping with their unstoppable disposition and the resilience that has flowed through music since the band started in 2007.

The 12 songs that make up "Paradise" can, if you want them to, act as a kind of mirror of the soul – one that you can look into to analyze who and where you are and, more, importantly, what you can do, even if things seem overwhelmingly bad, to push through.

This isn’t some kind of cheesy self-help record, though. It’s full of the same trials and tribulations that have always plagued Red City Radio. It’s just that this time, more than ever before, the defiance was pushing back against the bad stuff has been replaced by a very palpable sense of hope. It’s not just in Dale’s lyrics, either – even when they discuss the darker elements of life – but also in the upbeat crunch of “Baby Of The Year”, the almost carefree romanticism of “Young, Beautiful & Broke”, the title track’s sunny guitar licks and riffs, the joyous, rollicking, Thin Lizzy-esque swagger of “Doin’ It For Love”, the soul-quenching attitude of “Fremont Casino”.

Recorded at The Cereal Box in Edmond, OK with the All American Rejects’ Mike Kennerty – who also produced and recorded the band’s 2018 "SkyTigers" EP – and mastered at the Blasting Room by Jason Livermore, "Paradise" is the first Red City Radio release to feature bassist Derik Envy, who joined in 2019.

Rounded out by founding drummer Dallas Tidwell, the chemistry of this incarnation of Red City Radio is both obvious and infectious. Yet while there is positivity within these songs, the bare-bones emotional charge that has always defined Red City Radio is still very present. Musically, too, the band continues to expand and evolve – while the Fest-style punk of their early years is still audible in the framework of their songs, this is a band that has vastly expanded its horizons.

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"Paradise" Track Listing
1. Where Does The Time Go
2. Baby Of The Year
3. Did You Know
4. Love A Liar
5. Young, Beautiful & Broke
6. 100,000 Candles
7. Paradise
8. Edmond Girls
9. Doin' It For Love
10. Apocalypse, Please!
11. Fremont Casino
12. Gutterland

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