Ray Volpe’s intergalactic planetary smash single and the most played track at EDC Las Vegas, “Laserbeam,” has finally been blasted out worldwide via Disciple Records.

Volpe strikes out with a track that’s a true shock to the system, packing booming bass and acidic squelches contrasting with an underlying calm that makes for the perfect festival season blockbuster.

It’s always good to have the support of friends and in Ray’s case, they’ve come through big time supporting “Laserbeam” and helping to make it a true sensation. A who’s who of DJ talent have locked and loaded the track into their sets, from the likes of Illenium, Timmy Trumpet, Excision, Subtronics, 4B, Valentino Khan, DJ Diesel, Seven Lions, Nitti Gritti, Wuki, NGHTMRE, Big Gigantic, ARMNHMR, Riot Ren, Kompany, SAYMYNAME, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Blanke, Mitis, Good Times Ahead and Moore Kismet, among others.

Speaking of Excision, the artist’s massive February 2022 Thunderdome event at the Tacoma Dome proved to be a pivotal moment for Ray (who was on the bill) and a launching point for “Laserbeam.”

“Thunderdome was actually the viral origin of “Laserbeam,” Ray says. “It started with an email to Excision updating him with new unreleased music to play at shows. I mentioned in the email how “Laserbeam” would be cool to play with lasers in his high-production sets with crazy rigs. After my set at Thunderdome where I was support for Excision, I went to the crowd to watch Excision perform & suddenly heard the beginning of “Laserbeam.” The reaction from the fans in the venue as the song dropped was loud & clear. Needless to say, I was also freaking out. I filmed the whole thing & posted it the next day on social media, which went viral, currently tallying over 800,000 views on my own platforms; Excision, Illenium, Black Tiger Sex Machine, & many others have posted as well since then, accumulating a total of over 10,000,000 views today. I thought to myself that this is the craziest thing ever and that it couldn’t possibly get any better.”

Can it get better, Ray? “Laserbeam” is only the beginning.


Pulling inspiration from his love for emo/punk rock and the brostep era of dubstep, electronic artist Ray Volpe began producing at the age of 12 and has captured millions of listeners since.

The 24-year-old artist nicknamed “Volpetron” by fans who’ve picked up the name from his producer tag excels in every corner of the electronic scene; from video games to the largest festivals in the world, his music can be heard and recognized anywhere. Combining both heavy and melodic influence, along with his own vocals, Ray has created his own unique sound that has earned him support from Excision, DJ Snake, Illenium, and countless other household names from the dance scene.

After releasing on OWSLA, Never Say Die, Subsidia, and others, the Los Angeles-based producer has signed with dubstep’s iconic label Disciple. With the biggest names in bass music behind him as well as a recent collaboration with NGHTMRE (with Marshmello, Adventure Club, Sullivan King, Mitis, & more on the way), this sad dubstep boy is well on his way to world domination. Are you ready for the rise of the Volpetron?


Since the record label's inception in 2013, Disciple has grown to become the biggest house of exclusive Dubstep artists in the entire industry. This family of bass titans has grown to reach a combined audience of over 2.2 million on Facebook, 700k on Twitter, 5.1 million on Soundcloud, and 900k on Instagram.

Whether it's developing new talent to headliner status such as Barely Alive & Virtual Riot, or signing indisputable legends 12th Planet, Modestep & Dirtyphonics, the Disciple family is showing no sign of slowing down.

In 2017, the offshoot label Disciple Round Table was launched as a way to foster new talent into the growing roster and showcase some of the hottest new talents in the industry.

Having now sold out 2 full-label showcase shows in a row at the Holywood Palladium in LA, Disciple is taking the show on the road with a full custom stage production, with a life-size castle and visual show. This is just the beginning...

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