German metal-punk band Ranzer is back with their latest demo, "Demophobie," a five-track masterpiece that captures the raw energy of their live performances. Recorded in just four hours in Kassel, the demo is a testament to the band's old-school approach to music-making.

Mix and master wizard Ben Jones from Leeds, UK, has done an incredible job with the sound, bringing out the best in the band's fusion of thrash metal, heavy metal, and crust punk. The result is a sound that's close to Rawside or Audio Kollaps, with hints of Hellhammer, Sodom, and Wolfbrigade.

The cover artwork by Thomas "Necromaniac" Westphal is exclusive, rancid, and disgusting, just like the band's brutal and explicit lyrics. Their no-holds-barred approach to music and life is reflected in their anti-racist, anti-fascist, and anti-homophobic stance.

After a successful limited release of their one-track rehearsal demo CD, "Zahnfee," the band is now ready to take on the world with "Demophobie

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