Quebec death metal Upon Your Grave is sharing with fans their latest shredding playthrough for their “From Beyond” off their recently released EP “Gold & Decay” mixed and mastered by producer Chris Donaldson of Cryptopsy. Genuinely aggressive, full of blazing guitar riffs and an insane solo, the playthrough by guitarists Sim Diamond (finalist on Banger TV's Shredders of Metal Season 1) and Alex Bussieres can be viewed via Slam Worldwide -

The band adds about the track:

"From Beyond talks about the event of encountering a being naturally bound from outer space, while we first explore those endless confines after discovering space travel. A monstrosity unbound by our human conceptions of organic possibilities. The vocals range has it all in this one. from gutturals to high pitches, following grandiose agencements on guitars and epic melodic riffing providing a satisfying experience for the ears. All culminating in an epic solo for icing on the cake. It's a song we had fun creating and enjoy it more and more each time we play it."

Upon Your Grave's latest offering features five tracks that each show off the capabilities of this band that has been around since 2009. Over the years, they have experimented with their sound and are now steady and impressive. A live show involves energy, full-on impact with the crowd, funny moments, and overall a tight performance, that is true to the recordings.

Proving that work ethic and perseverance can truly refine a band’s sound to what they had always been striving for, this new release will be a fresh start for great things to come and is only the beginning of a flourishing career.

Upon Your Grave delivers everything discerning metalheads look for on a record, they incorporate crushing vocals blended with catchy melodies, bad-ass guitar riffs, along with memorable solos. The EP is recommended for fans of Daath, Lamb of God, and The Black Dahlia Murder.

Show Dates:
Dec 10 - La Source de La Martiniere - Quebec, QC (EP launch show)

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