Earlier this year, Princess Goes — the buzzy band led by the charismatic showmanship of vocalist and actor Michael C. Hall (Dexter, Six Feet Under, Lazarus), keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen (Blondie, Cyndie Lauper) and drummer Peter Yanowitz (The Wallflowers, Morningwood) — announced their forthcoming LP, "Come Of Age" (out 6 October via SO In De Goot Recordings).

As a follow-up to the record's first two singles, "Shimmer" and "Blur" (each of which came alongside their own music video), today, Princess Goes shares a new cut entitled "Jetpack."

As Yanowitz wrote of the single:

"If one could distill all of our Princess songs we’ve ever written into one musical statement I think "JETPACK" does it with aplomb. It encapsulates everything that makes us US into 4 sublime minutes.

The first section is concerned mainly with grooving you into submission…lulling u w Matt’s cool bass line, and Mike’s sci-fi sentiments. Where are we headed? What has happened to us as humans? Well, who really cares tho because I love this groove so much...then, as u are just settling into the gentle waves of "JETPACK", boom, the floor falls through the earth’s crust...sinking into something more sinister, molten and foreboding. How did we get from ‘crushing on the babysitter’ to this nightmare we’re living through, the machine grinding us all up and spitting us out. Who the fk is driving ‘this thing’. The triplet build-up keeps snowballing on itself...it gets intense and is also really fun to play live...u just gotta hang on for dear life. Fun fact...Mike’s piercing scream in the end was recorded into his iPhone...we never replaced it because it was so sick. Mike was lucky enough to get to work closely with David Bowie before he passed, but I’d like to think "JETPACK" was like a goodbye kiss to Bowie. 'Blackstar' was a huge influence on us when it came out. What an Artist! What a fucking life!"

The forthcoming LP, 'Come Of Age', is the trio’s most accessible, yet innovative work to date, replete with songs that traverse a thrilling and often surprising sonic and lyrical landscape. There’s a clear cohesiveness to the 12 songs on the album that manage to be all at once catchy and intoxicating, soundtrack-y musicscapes for the ages, synth-heavy but multi-faceted.

The musical growth on 'Come Of Age' was organic, and though onstage and on paper, they are a keyboards-drums-vocals band, this album is rife with guitar and bass, instruments that play a bigger role than they did on previous recordings. The band’s evolution is ongoing and often unearthly, spacy and provocative in the vein of Bowie’s 'Blackstar' (David Bowie personally cast Hall to play the lead role of Thomas Newton in his final stage project – Lazarus on Broadway).

Stay tuned for Princess Goes' upcoming album, 'Come Of Age', out 6 October.


  • 26/09 - Manchester, UK - Club Academy
  • 27/09 - Cardiff, UK - The Globe
  • 28/09 - Birmingham, UK - O2 Institute 2
  • 29/09 - Norwich, UK - Waterfront
  • 8/10 - London, UK – EartH Theatre


01. Offering

02. Let It Go

03. Blur

04. Come Of Age

05. Shimmer

06. Jetpack

07. Glasswing

08. Take Me Home

09. Beija

10. Saving Grace

11. Whatever Whispers

12. Floating

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