Italian death metal quartet SPIRITUAL DECEPTION will release the Oxymoron EP on October 8.

Following EP releases in 2018 (self-titled) and 2019 (Etemenanki), Oxymoronshowcases the band's highest level of compositional strength and technical prowess to date. A most apt summation of the sound heard on Oxymoron is introspective death metal infused with technical riffs and obscure atmospheres.

The band released the following statement concerning the finer points of the forthcoming EP: "Oxymoron is born as a concept about light and darkness’ dualism. It takes inspiration from myths, Talmud, and works of literature. In the heart of the EP we placed a 3-part endeavour, composed by the triptych Captatio Benevolentiae’, ‘Oxymoron,' and ‘Damnatio Memoriae,’ as inspired by John Milton’s Paradise Lost. This mini-concept deals with the relationship between God and Lucifer, their conflict and how each character is depicted by the original author, focusing on the anti-hero concept.

The track ‘Oxymoron’ is actually the antipodes’ meeting point: God and Lucifer, Light and Darkness, Hero and Anti-Hero. From a musical point of view the three-part concept can be experienced as a standalone and unique song, composed as a three-part climax, with the track ‘Oxymoron’ as a joining link, both musically and conceptually.

'Hidden in Consciousness' is a reflection about an alternative origin of mankind, inspired by Mesopotamian mythology.

‘Serpent’s speech’ concerns Lucifer’s thoughts about his and mankind's condition, how they are deeply linked, one with the other, and actually being the same."


Track Listing:
1. Hidden in Consciousness
2. Captatio Benevolentiae
3. Oxymoron
4. Damnatio Memoriae
5. Serpent’s Speech

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andrea Oriani at Blue House Studio.
Orchestration by Giacomo Savina at Black Alley Studios.
Produced by Spiritual Deception.

Artwork by Luca Zanlorenzi at ZZ Logos.
T-shirts’ graphics by Andreas Christanetoff at Armaada Art.
Band photos by Francesca Mancini.
Videos and graphic videos by Luca Zanlorenzi.

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