Planepacked exists where extreme metal and electronica collide. It was named after a glitch in Dwarf Fortress, so you know it's worth it. Make no mistake about it – this is a flexible fusion, equally at home on a dance floor, in the mosh pit, or on a nice stereo system in the comfort of your own home... or inside the reactor of a galaxy traversing spaceship, if you’re so inclined. Birthed in a dorm at the University of Rochester, Planepacked now resides in Massachusetts, poised to strike at all corners of New England, and then the world. Did that sound slightly absurd to you? It’ll happen. Trust us.

Critical Mass is Planepacked’s debut studio album, and a followup to their 2015 EP (Polyhedron). 10 tracks and 38 minutes of metal madness (and one straight up EDM song) await if you take the plunge. Everything that was ever good about their previous work has been refined, upgraded, made more intense. This album features the mastering work of Otto D'Agnolo (Soulfly, Alice Cooper, David Grohl, etc), whose years of experience work wonders for the band's sound.

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