PIAH Mater has released a striking new track, "Fallow Garden", taken from their upcoming album Under the Shadow of a Foreign Sun, due out July 5th via Code666. Intricate and daring, elements of jazz fusion are woven throughout "Fallow Garden," with its extended solo section and interplay between guitars and saxophone, courtesy of Norwegian extraordinaire Jørgen Munkeby (SHINING, IHSAHN). Listen to the track HERE.


Formed in 2010 by guitarists Luiz Felipe Netto and Igor Meira, PIAH MATER seeks to conjure the introspective yet grandiose nature found in the work of artists like IHSAHN, OPETH, and ENSLAVED, filtering it through a lens that spans a generational and socio-geographic continuum. After a brief stint as a trio in 2018, the band returned to its original formation for their newest record, with the addition of trusted collaborators who elevate the range of possibilities to a new level. Building upon the DIY approach that has been central to their ethos over the years, PIAH MATER's third album was recorded, produced, and mixed by the band's own Luiz Felipe Netto. The workload alternated between his personal studio and the group's faithful Estúdio Mata, where their previous LP was also partially conceived. Mastering duties were once again handled by Tony Lindgren (LEPROUS, AMORPHIS, ENSLAVED).

Under the Shadow of a Foreign Sun sees the band venturing deeper into familiar territory while still bending the expectations of how far the death metal genre can be stretched.

The artwork for the record was drawn by Romanian artist Rada Niță Josan. Singer and guitarist Luiz Felipe Netto comments on the choice: "In an age where AI-generated images seem to be taking up more and more space within the metal community, we felt it was important for the art fronting this record to be unmistakably and unapologetically human. Rada's tracing has so much personality to it, and it's so easily recognizable as hers that I knew we had to work together the moment I found her."

Thematically, the album weaves its thread through the six songs with a lyrical center that revolves around feelings of inadequacy and strangeness towards one's own homeland, and the inevitable ambition to escape that place. Netto remarks: "Be it due to climate disasters or a plain cultural shift, be it the exodus of a people, the asylum of a family, or the lonely journey of a single individual, these migration patterns were observed and condensed into these lyrics."

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