Hailing from Turin via London, PEAKS! are a modern Alt Rock duo mixing, killer riffs, fuzzy guitars and dizzy hooks - Eye(s) wide open. PEAKS! speak about feelings of Hope, Rage, Dreams, Sex, Money, Mental Health, Past, Future, Life and all that’s in between.

"Turin" is an unusual ode to their hometown which goes with a lot of dark feelings about letting go of toxic elements which otherwise would bring you down – especially letting go of fake friends who cling to you just in good times or when it’s beneficial for them. The Turin grey skies are a reflection of the sad colours to be found in the personalities of these fake friends. Check out the video now!

The ambivalence of the fluffy, energetic, almost uplifting sounds mixed with harsh emotions could be described as "feel good pain". It breathes a lot of sunshine from the 90s in a modern sound and production, but with dark clouds connected to it. It's exactly in the middle of the song when the acoustic guitars turn into a sound of heavier electric guitars and a bigger dose of rage comes to surface.

After two totally independent "DIY" single releases which impressively put them on the map with streaming performances in the 6 digit regions and rising as we speak, "Turin" is PEAKS!' third single release so far, and the first in collaboration with the newly founded label Circular Wave. The editorial DSP playlist support for the previous single "Fired Up"encompassed relevant playlists on various platforms in the US, UK, France, Italy and Germany. After some decent introduction plays and features on various radio stations in Europe the new single will now be supported with a broader marketing and promotion approach.

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