Patient Hands today shares the second track, “Wash My Hands””, from his sophomore album, There Are No Graves Here. Patient Hands is the solo-project of Saskatchewan based ambient songwriter Alexander Stooshinoff. There Are No Graves Here is set for release on November 18th. “Wash My Hands” is available now on all music services.

Listen/ Share: Patient Hands “Wash My Hands”

Speaking on the track Alex says, “Wash My Hands” is the closing track of No Graves. The title comes from my visits to the bone marrow transplant unit while my mom was sick. The patients in there were all immunocompromised, so we visitors had to be very rigorous with our hygiene, and there was a heavy-duty handwashing station posted just outside the entrance. The title fits well with the domestic theme of the rest of No Graves, but it also has a cleansing air of finality to it that I think fits well with both the track, and its position on the album.”

There Are No Graves Here is Patients Hands sophomore record and follows from his debut 2019 release Stoic. The closing track on Stoic, “Calm”, provides the source material for “Wash My Hands”, as Alex explains, “I made “Wash My Hands” using the archaic computer program, Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch (better known as Paulstretch). The source material of “Calm,” which was originally composed for classical guitar and voice. Here the source audio is lengthened in time by about 8x, but the pitch is preserved. What results is a smeared, artifacted, digital mess that most people would describe as ‘haunting.’ It sounds like a human voice and a string instrument, but the amplitude envelope has been lengthened beyond realism, and the overlapping windows of the samples makes it sound more like a ‘pad’ or a ‘drone.’”

There Are No Graves Here is a record of musical aphorisms for heartbreak and homelessness, dying mothers, and all the ambiguity. The album title came from a recording that a professor of Stooshinoff’s played in class. “I heard the line”, says Stooshinoff “”there are no graves here,” and it stuck with me. The idea of ‘no grave’ became a metaphor for feeling like I had no place to bury the past. The past was constantly alive.”

Patient Hands is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Alexander Stooshinoff. A Russian Doukhobor (‘spirit-wrestler’) originally from the Canadian Prairies, Stooshinoff relocated to Montréal in 2015, where he earned a degree in philosophy and electroacoustics before returning to his native Saskatchewan.

Patient Hands draws inspiration from artists such as Grouper, Sun Kil Moon, and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Early 2020 saw a reissue of Patient Hand’s debut full length album, Stoic, on Japanese label Moorworks, and an accompanying 13-date Japanese tour. There Are No Graves Here will be self-released internationally later this year and via Moorworks in Japan.

Patient Hands’ There Are No Graves Here is out November 18th 2020. Pre-order now.

  1. Opening
  2. No Graves
  3. Dinner
  4. On Hiatus
  5. Supper
  6. Your Wife, Your Husband
  7. I Did Your Dishes
  8. Not Wake Up
  9. And I Swept the Floor
  10. The Automatic Door
  11. Moment i
  12. Moment ii

Wash My Hands

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